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‘View’ hosts cause a stir for suggesting women are told by husbands how to vote

The women of “The View” are being labeled “out of contact” for their feedback on Friday about how women hear to their husbands when deciding whom to vote for.

Whoopi Goldberg talked about an NPR interview through which Hillary Clinton mentioned that Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg warned her women can be pressured by the lads of their lives to vote in opposition to her.

Joy Behar mused, “I believe there’s a level to that. It’s not simply that women hate different women… I believe that women vote of their curiosity, financial curiosity, identical to the lads do. So if the lads have jobs and so they say to their wives, this is only one instance, ‘We’re going to get a tax break from the Republicans,’ and that may make the household have more cash, the spouse will go together with it.”

Behar added that “the lads are making more cash than the women” earlier than noting that financial curiosity usually trumps moral points for feminine voters. Sara Haines rapidly chimed in, saying that women choose women in a different way when it comes to look and optics.

“There is a lot psychology in what we see and how we painting energy,” Haines mentioned.

Paula Faris then learn a quote from Hillary Clinton, which “The View” co-host warned may very well be interpreted as sexist.

“All of the sudden, the husband turns to the spouse, ‘I told you she was going to be in jail. You don’t need to waste your vote.’ Or the boyfriend turns to the girlfriend, ‘She’s gonna get locked up,’” Faris mentioned whereas quoting Clinton.

“It’s mainly insinuating that I can’t suppose independently of my husband,” Faris mentioned. ‘I believe that’s going to be offensive for a lot of individuals to hear.”

The all-female panel broke out into a dialog about why women would vote in opposition to their self-interests, with Goldberg explaining that Clinton grew up in an period when males made choices for a whole family.

Viewers flocked to social media to criticize the speculation, with one consumer noting that males don’t make the choices in his household, “My grandmother marched for voter rights.”

Another viewer tweeted, “Women might be simply as misogynistic as males, if no more!”

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