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“Open Letter to Nnamdi Kanu”


Please sir I simply need to use this nice alternative to write to you and I imagine this letter will get to you.

I Godson Nworu I’m a Biafra by the advantage of my origin (ABIA STATE). And I’m not in assist of Biafra. I do know you and your supporters are combating for the liberty of all Igbos.

Please let this be recognized to you that isn’t all Igbos are in assist of Biafra, you’re bringing warfare to our doorstep which we don’t want and proper now our state is in siege.

I’m extremely upset that essentially the most wisest ethnic group will be mind washed and be lured to evil. Please sir in all the things you’re doing assume and evaluation it first. I’ll recommendation you and your supporters to PUT-OFF this Biafra points as a result of we’re not prepared for it.

If I could ask please sir the place is your loved ones? Not right here in Nigeria?. And you need us to go and struggle and kill ourselves whereas your loved ones reside flashy life overseas.

The solely downside we now have is GREED we’re too grasping. What do we would like Biafra for?

Do you assume we’re struggling extra examine to Hausa/Fulani’s. The so referred to as oil you’re combating for is it your individual? 95% of Rivers folks stated they aren’t Biafran whereas 90% of bayelsa stated the identical.

Please sir do you purpose or have adviser in any respect, do you assume you’re doing us good?

Those agitating for Biafra are primarily on jobless youth who don’t have anything and a few wretched previous as soon as..Sir we would like peace not Biafra these troopers at Abia state are Hausa/Fulani troopers in not lower than per week something may occur.

Sir you’re doing us dangerous not good my state is in danger. Even the final ojukwu who began the journey later regretted it and eventually stated one Nigeria. You’re not normal neither maj gen.. you’re unusual citizen identical to me with twin citizenship..these supporting you and people beating drums for you’re evil..I and my relations are usually not in assist of you and your group of cohort and I disown anyone who assume or want that Biafra is the one approach out.

You can as nicely go for the presidency if the case I want you understand how I really’ve gotten mislead us and you’ll absolutely remorse it..I don’t insult Biafra, however I’ll insult you since you’re solely on the lookout for your pocket and permit our youths to die for nothing on each day foundation when you preserve having fun with the so referred to as Nigeria cash huh? From some silly politicians.

Oh Igbos the place is the sense you folks have?? I wept for this younger boys, they don’t know what they’re doing..if I could ask why bringing Judaism to us? I believe you’re simply confused.. you’re a freedom fighter is that how freedom is been fought utilizing all types of insults on authorities.

You’re not a pacesetter however a misleader.

My write up is nicely comprehensible and I want you might see this.. PUT OFF that agitation earlier than is to late..i’ve warned you rely me OFF.

Thank you.

Signed, Godson Harry jr.

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