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African-American university students offended by cotton

The president of Lipscomb University issued a public apology after an untold variety of African American students have been offended by a dinner table centerpiece made from stalks of cotton.

Yes, good readers – a bunch of faculty students was triggered by the material of our lives.

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Randy Lowry, president of the Christian university based mostly in Nashville, had invited African-American students to his residence for dinner final week.

One scholar who attended the gathering posted a diatribe on Instagram – together with a photograph of the “offensive” centerpiece.

“We have been very offended,” the scholar wrote. “My good friend … requested why there was cotton on the desk because the centerpiece. His response was that he didn’t know, he seen it earlier than we did, he sort of thought it was ‘fallish’, THEN he mentioned, “it ISNT INHERENTLY BAD IF WERE ALL WEARING IT.”

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