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“Help! My Ex-Boyfriend Is Making My Life Miserable” – Vera Sidika Cries Out

Vera Sidika Cries

Looks just like the occasion is way from over between these two because the Kenyan socialite claims that her ex, Nigerian enterprise mogul Oriyomi Johnson, is searching her down, making her life depressing and can be the mastermind behind the current hack of her Instagram account.

Ranting on her SnpaChat, she shared an alleged screenshot of a WhatsApp be aware from the Nigerian, by which he promised to make her life depressing.

“I make you a promise on at the present time. I’ll make your life depressing,” the be aware reads. “You’ve stepped on the viper’s tail.”

The pair had a inflexible dichotomy again in May as they proceeded to airing their soiled linen themselves on social media with Oriyomi allegedly accusing the socialite of prostitution whereas she claimed he’s into fraudulent enterprise.

Their drama went after Oriyomi’s interview with a Kenyan weblog the place he claimed that Sidika aborted their child. But Vera Sidika denied the being pregnant explaining that she lied about it.

Now, strangers are allegedly displaying up at Vera’s home and horrifying her mom, together with her enterprise on standstill and Oriyomi has to take all of the blame.

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