OneCard TopUp Services Limited is a virtual Top Up solution provider with a unique value proposition, products, services and solution. The unbeatable strength of its technology compared to others in the world is the OneCard-multiple recharge access. Since its inception in Nigeria, the company has been at the forefront of changing how consumers approach their various utility needs management at the best possible cost and convenience design.

With its corporate seat in Nigeria situated at 11 Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island Lagos, OneCard TopUp Services Limited networks different cities and states in Nigeria with an ever-widening clientele base, large growing subscribers and fast growing demand for its premium and cutting edge solution. Several employment and entrepreneurial opportunities have been created as a result of its unique business offering and commitment to supporting national economic growth of its host communities and country of operation.

From electricity bill to domestic and corporate bill payment needs, One1Card unique recharge technology, responsive digital platform and sound customer care services, lifestyle and quality of livelihood of many Nigerians have been changed, making the company according to influencewithaquinas code of reference “Africa Innovation Driven Top Up Company”. In 2014, The company won African Quality Achievement Awards. See facts below:

OneCard awarded for innovation and quality at the 2014 African Quality Achievement Awards

OneCard Nigeria, the innovative fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company that provides top up solutions on multiple platforms, was recognised with an award for ICT Development Excellence for its innovative and quality products. This award was received by the company at an award ceremony held on 30 April 2014 at Protea Hotel, Lekki Peninsula.

African Quality Achievement Awards (AQAA) is an annual event aimed at celebrating leadership, innovation, creativity and quality Management in Africa. The award is aimed at identifying, recognising and rewarding companies, personalities and products that apply quality assurance culture and quality management best practices.

The event is organised by African Quality Institute (AQI), a leading professional organisation dedicated to developing quality professionals and implementing African programmes on quality management and assurance, with the support of the South African Quality Institute (SAQ) and the Chartered Quality Institute (UK).

The Chief Executive Officer, OneCard Nigeria, Ahmad Baba, while speaking on the award received by OneCard, said, “We are happy that our innovative services, which improve the lives of our people was recognised in and outside Nigeria by the pan-African body, African Quality Institute.”

The Chief Commercial Officer, OneCard Nigeria, Taiwo Ogunkanmi, commended AQI for its laudable initiative, aimed at encouraging innovation and quality standards in Africa. He also said, “OneCard will continue its efforts to provide world class top up services to Nigerians.”




You only need One1Card to recharge it all!

One1Card is the only scratch card in the world that allows you to recharge multiple services…and it’s available right here in Nigeria.  Now with customizable design options, this is the product that makes us the King of Recharge!

How it works

One1Card uses service provider IDs (SPID) to recharge multiple accounts. You can recharge your desired account in two simple steps:

  1. Scratch the PIN surface gently.
  2. Dial:
  • For mobile accounts:         *979*PIN#
  • For non-mobile accounts:  *979*SPID*PIN*Account Number#

One1Card active SPIDs


  • Startimes: 9
  • Eko Electricity: 12
  • LCC: 25
  • LTC: 26
  • SMILE 4G Internet: 71

One1Card is available at select vendors nationwide.  And now you can customize One1Cards for advertising, fundraising and personal gifts. To order, call our customer service hotline at 0803 901 2001 and we’ll take it from there!

What is One1Card?

One1Card is the multipurpose recharge card that tops up different services. This is the only card of its kind in Nigeria today.

How does it work?

Below are the steps to use One1Card:

  1. Scratch the PIN surface gently;
  2. Dial:
    1. For Mobile:        *979*PIN#
    2. For Non Mobile:*979*SPID*PIN*Account No#
  3. SPID means Service Provider Identification (SPID);
  4. The following are the active SPID for various service providers:
Mobile  Airtel: 3, Etisalat: 4, Glo: 5
Non Mobile Startimes: 9, EKEDC: 12, LCC 25, LTC: 26, Smile: 71, IBEDC

Are all One1Cards the same?

All One1Cards function the same way. But we offer customized One1Cards by special order, such as the customized cards the Redeemed Christian Church of God produces for distribution in all its parishes nationwide.

What denominations are available?

One1Card is available in many convenient denominations: N20, N50, N100, N200, N500, N750, N1,000, N1500, N2,000, N3,000, N5,000 and N10,000

Where do I buy One1Card?

One1Card is available at various shops, restaurants, and hotels all round the country.

Can I also resell One1Card?

You are free to partner with OneCard for the distribution of One1Card in your chosen location. Call 0803 901 2001 and our representative will contact you with more details.

Can One1Card work outside Nigeria?

One1Card is only available for use on Nigerian service providers.

How do I earn money by reselling One1Card?

You can make money by purchasing One1Card at a discounted rate and selling at the standard rates.

How do I know the status of my recharge request?

A message is displayed on the phone device giving the status of the transaction. You also receive confirmation text from some service providers confirming the status of the TopUp request. You can also use the regular service provider codes to check your account balance.

How do I get help if I over scratch a card?

Call our Care Center on 0803 901 2001 or e-mail providing the card serial number, batch number and any part of the PIN that is visible to you. You will get a reply with the full PIN if all the information you provided is correct.

Will I be barred if I make multiple failed attempts to recharge?

You will not be barred for making multiple attempts but you are advised to always try to input the correct PIN every the time.

Will I enjoy all bonuses from my service provider if I use the One1Card?

Yes you will enjoy all offers from your service provider and additional ones being offered by OneCard.

In a case of recharging pay TV (Startimes) with One1Card, can I load multiples of N500 to recharge my account by N10,000?

Yes you can load up to the value of your subscription using any denomination. You are, however, advised to load full value using Direct TopUp or large denominations of One1Card.

As a regular user of One1Card, can I borrow credit from my network service provider if I am out of cash and need to make calls?

Yes, you can borrow credit from your service provider when you run out of airtime. You continue to enjoy all the benefits of your service provider.

With One1Card, am I still entitled to my free night calls with my service provider?

Yes. You continue to enjoy all the benefits of your service provider.

Direct TopUp

More money in your pocket, with the easiest business you ever started.

For resellers who recharge in large volumes (and discerning individuals who want to save money while sending recharge to others), OneCard offers an innovative solution: the Direct TopUp handheld device.

The Direct TopUp device fits easily in your pocket, and allows you to do business on the move. And it works for non-entrepreneurs as well: use Direct TopUp to earn discounts when you recharge yourself and your contacts.

Used as a business tool, Direct TopUp gives recharge resellers access to all their retail points, for more efficient inventory management.

Product highlights:

  • Recharge anyone, anywhere in the country from a handheld Direct TopUp device
  • Make a minimum of 173% return on investment
  • Dedicated partner support from OneCard


Direct TopUp is a retail channel for entrepreneurs and companies interested in selling recharge to a wide range of customers — at hotels, grocery stores, churches, post offices and many more locations.


Buy DTU Vending device
24 hour delivery service available in Lagos>
Download DTU Mobile APP
For Android device only

Contact us

MyTopUp Nigeria

You are now free to recharge.

Calling all internet users! Now you can recharge anywhere with, the website that lets you spend as little as N50 and up to N50,000 in one transaction.

Product highlights:

  • Recharge up to 10 different accounts at once.
  • No sign up required, for added convenience
  • Optional registered user accounts store an unlimited number of accounts for future visits
  • Encrypted transactions for added security

MyTopUp Nigeria accepts Visa, Mastercard and Verve debit and credit cards.

Your data is safe with us. When you use your debit or credit card to make a secure payment online at MyTopUp Nigeria, you can be sure that we will never store your card details on our servers.

Recharge now

MyTopUp Business

MyTopUp Business (MTUB) Suite is a robust web-based recharge suite that simplifies the way individuals and businesses top up various services for themselves and others. It is easy to use, and carries out various recharge functions for you.

MTUB recharges all:

  • Mobile (Airtel, Etisalat, Glo, MTN, Visafone, multilinks)
  • Cable TV (Startimes)
  • Toll ( LCC & LTC)
  • Electricity (EKEDP, IBEDC)
  • Internet ( SMILE Internet).
  • + More

Use MTUB in 3 easy steps

  1. Create account by filling registration form.
  2. Fund your suite’s wallet with desired amount through OneCard bank details below.
    Acc Name: OneCard TopUp Services LtdAcc Number: 0137981877Bank: GTBState your name and account code when funding your wallet.
  1. Start recharging.

Set up yours and relax while your MTUB suite does the rest because even when you forget to recharge your MTUB never does.

Features of the MTUB suite.

  1. Auto TopUp: You can schedule for accounts (mobile lines, cable TV accounts etc) to be recharged at set dates automatically. This could be daily, weekly or monthly.
  2. Bulk TopUp: You can recharge hundreds or thousands of accounts all at once in matter of minutes.
  3. No limits to recharge amounts: You can recharge accounts with any sum you desire.
  4. Caters to organisations of all sizes: Whether you have one employee or thousands across the country, the MTUB suite will carter for your recharge needs.
  5. Timely top up of all bills: Accounts are topped up instantly, including mobile airtime top up of all staff across branches and states.
  6. Effective reporting: With the MTUB reporting feature you can effectively run or pull out reports of all transactions from you MTUB suite. This aids planning and book keeping.
  7. Security feature: You MTUB suite is equipped with an optional OTP feature which enables multiple levels of authorisation to be set up for approval of recharges in organisations.
  8. Comprehensive payment tracking:  You can track your payments and spends from your suite.

Register an account

OneCard API

OneCard’s API serves two types of customers:

  • Third party resellers who want to resell recharge and earn commission, using their own online platform or network of agents
  • Individuals and businesses that want an affordable way to collect revenue earned from multiple sources


Select the option below that best applies to you:

How to apply

Applying for a OneCard API is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Send us an email, letting us know what service you want to collect revenue for.
  2. We will provide you with an API.
  3. Once you’re integrated, we will assign your SPID, and you can start collecting funds right away!

It’s that simple!  Contact us today and start enjoying huge savings on revenue collection.

S/No City Trade Partner Name Address Contact No
 1 Festac Icon Pharmacy 21 Road by 4th Avenue Junction 08172645658
 2 Festac Leadmart Super Store 1st Avenue by 6th Avenue Junction 08034421627
 3 Festac Mrs Bukky 41 Road by 312 Junction 08027358333
 4 Festac Mrs Oshi 41 Road by 312 Junction 08023594824
 5 Festac Mrs Joyce 512 Road, C Close. 08035531393
 6 Festac Mama Sekinat 41 Rd A Close 00701218265, 0706709150
 7 Festac Mr David 5th Avenue J1 Close
 8 Festac The Printer 5th Avenue 2 Close 08095119881
S/No City Trade Partner Name Address Contact No
 1 Iwaya-Onike Mr Dele. No 1 FFF Street, by the Junction. 08132870714, 07088343230
 2 Iwaya-Onike Boche Pharmacy 41 Iwaya Road. Mr Uche 08094479739
 3 Iwaya-Onike Mr Francis Ateji Joseph Harison street. Opp Total Filling station, Iwaya Rd. 08034043198
 4 Iwaya-Onike Mrs Fatimat Olaniran No 1 Olumo Street junction 08035555438
 5 Iwaya-Onike Mr Oluwaseun 13/33 Iwaya Rd, Onike 08027010460
S/No City Trade Partner Name Address Contact No
 1 Surulere Mrs Ajayi House 41, Iponri eCity 08037213336, 08029138079
 2 Surulere Mama Bolu House 41, Iponri eCity 08023991814
 3 Surulere Mrs Shogunle 39 Lagos street, by Herbert macaulay street, Ebute –Metta 0818727518
 4 Surulere Mr Monday 39, Chief Natufe Street, off Babs Animashun Street Surulere 08065332865
 5 Surulere Blue Sumit 24 Cole street. 0803589381
 6 Surulere My Choice (Ashiwaju Olushola Egbetayo) 27, Adeniji street, Ishaga 08026609210, 08093189994
 7 Surulere Healthrite Pharmacy 52, Akerele rd, Randle junction 08181451795
 8 Surulere Mrs Epitoke 22A Aturase Street 08098864546
 9 Surulere Vendemitria Limited 4 Adebola Street 08174599382, 08086729800
S/No City Trade Partner Name Address Contact No
 1 Satelite Town Mr Micheal By Satelite Town Nepa Office. 08060709797
2 Satelite Town Satelite Waterside 09091416091
 3 Satelite Town Citylite Zenith Ventures 08034906558, 08029449923
S/No City Trade Partner Name Address Contact No
 1 Agbara / Ojo Mrs Adaora Opic ECity 08060730075
 2 Agbara / Ojo Mr Izu Along Cosmetic Ltd 08039407418
 3 Agbara / Ojo Baba Morogbo New island Morogbo 08039148874
 4 Agbara / Ojo Ishashi By EKEDC Ishashi Rd Office 08165296727
 5 Agbara / Ojo Mrs Caroline By Nepa Office Alaba 08172742830
 6 Agbara / Ojo Wanaga Ltd Beside First Bank Alaba, Ojo Alaba Rd
 7 Agbara / Ojo Mrs Sandra Ehijiator 08183100374
S/No City Trade Partner Name Address Contact No
 1 Lekki Ebeanor Supermarket Admiralty Way, Lekki
 2 Lekki Fade & Fisi 25B Admiralty way, Lekki 8080120814, 08138010438
3 Lekki Okolie Supermarket Dolphin ECity 08023178005
 4 Lekki Best For Less Igbo -Efon, Lekki expressway 08099073144

One1Card is a must use solution for today’s consumer. To sign up as an agent, subscriber or client of One1Card Nigeria, see contact details below:

OneCard TopUp Services Limited
11 Adeola Odeku Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos

Tel: +234 1 212 0624, +234 1 212 0724

Customer service hotline: 0803 901 2001

General information:


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